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Air Loom

by Priapus

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bring on the end it’s high time that someone ended it all we’ve shown we have nothing but contempt for this world and for ourselves unleash the plague wipe out this land we’ve proven we’re worth nothing and there’s no more hope no more reason nuclear storm destroys all seasons rain genocide on nations warring reduced to ash and without warning bring halt to this disgusting place on the front lines waving the death flag the nihilist prayer is my battle cry ambassador for the death of all when chaos reigns you’ll find me drink in hand penning suicide anthems for seven nations until they’re all found face down fire from the sky running for their lives futile headlines read “Armageddon” fodder for religion’s final stand our man-made terror is decried their sects running right to left wondering who’s god has forsaken them all faith destroyed mass annihilation death unleashed on all the fault is all our own we die embracing the end with open arms and a devils grin condemned myself along with my fellow vermin
disengagement from consensus reality we’ve come to enjoy this emotional flattening delusional frameworks indulged in passivity the influencing machine charges on religion politics and science all pointing in the same direction everyone wants you to believe they have the fucking answer meaning everywhere sleep’s become impossible closed minds existing sentiments are torn to fucking pieces what’s left behind is grotesque interpretation disgusted by the atrocities punished by the machine indignation mind raped of everything dreadful infliction performed by the agencies of the air loom this bastard machine charges on assailment from a deadly force unseen by common man I can’t be the only one who knows the horrors of this bastard thing delusions of grandeur? visionary? even prophetic disillusioned pathological lies bastard deception thoughts forced to fruition no one would believe the horrors what I have seen this world is unprepared for what’s coming influencing machine charges on
Repeaters 01:07
nothing in this world is worth the bullshit that you’ve put me through forgive and forget has lost all meaning, I’ll never get back my wasted time make good on that empty promise that’s been made so many times don’t let this be the same old story, please give suicide a good try waiting for the crash and burn tip-toed through hell so long if I could push you over the edge I would close your eyes and slip away out of my sight out of your mind drift into nothing bottle after empty bottle don’t let safety caps get you down chew and choke and drown those pills, then up the tracks get it right draw a warm bath and get comfortable prepare for no one to grieve this loss bid farewell to this world
Wake up in the morning grab wrinkled slacks and tie pull yourself together it’s time to live your daily fucking lie this perfect life the one they promised was everything turns out it’s nothing but giving up your dreams you’ll work your whole life chasing something you never wanted and in the end there’s nothing but regret, so grab a cup of coffee saddle up to the desk rest your weary head in hands work on someone else’s fucking mess what were you chasing? is this your prize? three kids that hate you? wife that won’t look you in the eye? your mortgage haunts you life’s rug’s been pulled from under you the american dream is that when you hate it all? now all that’s left is what time you have to yourself you fantasize how to cap off your fucked up life nailbomb the office burn down the house who fucking cares if the dog, the wife and kids die freedom traded for a dollar at 20 you had it all now you can’t wait till 5 o’clock to drown your shitty life this perfect life work until you die turns out it’s nothing your life’s a lie
please look down down on me with condescending point of view it makes me so glad I chose not to live my life like you watching you fail is so much sweeter because you’ve acted like a prick so keep that tongue moving and I’ll never stop being amused at those fucking values once held so high that now mean nothing I’ll keep a seat warm for you in hell in 5 years we will see if you’re in the same boat as me my guess is that you’ll be swaying propped up by a barstool a “lifestyle” or fad fading? what did that tattoo mean to you? you know three X’s is what they put on porno too? edge crushed it’s all in fun do what you want but my mind’s been made for another day I’m warming seats at the bar and in hell
a thousand things were expected of me and of my life things I couldn’t care less about passion’s long gone I’ll be better off isolated bathed in misery fade into nothing self imposed exile detach myself from everything imbibe and forget any trace of normalcy let me die broke as shit drunk and alone nights spent tossing and turning memories fade of those better times years bleed together when you don’t care if you’re alive 12 years of sleepless nights alone waiting to die
there is prostitution in everything wrought under the sun there is agenda that will bastardize and besiege us all within the in equation of ambition and subsistence file the sum less lines of the mortgaged an annexation to the droning insomniatic servitude to an infinity of misery


Recorded April 2011 at Sound Lab Recording Studio


released April 26, 2011

engineered by bob moore
logo & graphic design by paul slagle (www.paulslagle.com)


all rights reserved



Priapus Greensboro, North Carolina

NC Grindcore Since 2010

High energy death bwoops

Kevin, Dustin & Jordan

RIP Jeremy

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